The Pour, US

December 2, 2014

DH Liberty worked with UK-based glass blowers to create an impressive chandelier that resembles falling rain. Named ‘The Pour’, the fixture has been installed in New York’s Tribeca.

When DH Liberty were commissioned to create a light feature for a house in New York’s trendy Tribeca district, they were met by a site with an industrial character with exposed metal columns on either end of a dropped beam within the living room.

The design brief was to produce a light sculpture that would hang off the existing beam, creating an architectural relationship with the space.

In response to the design brief, ‘The Pour’, a chandelier that mimics falling rain was created. The undulating light sculpture resembles rain drops frozen mid fall, the crystal drops held in place by sculpted brass fittings.

DH Liberty worked with UK-based artisan glass-blowers and metal engineers to create the crystal tear-drops.

The rain drop itself is constructed of two parts: the brass screw cap, which houses the light and the hand-blown crystal. These work together to create golden puddles of light on the floor below.

The name ‘The Pour’ derives from the distinctive shape that the chandelier forms – an exaggeration of the dramatic motion water makes when it pours from a carafe – and in order to summon the true nature of water droplets, no two drops are identical in shape.

Designed by forming a grid mimicking how puddles ripple outward in concentric circles, each teardrop is hung to brass pipes of varying lengths. Placed strategically on the grid, the teardrops lock into a mirrored base, which fits seamlessly between the two existing industrial columns, creating the teardrop reflections.

The chandelier echoes rain frozen in time, bringing a sense of nature and the outdoors into an industrial setting.