A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel, Italy

November 6, 2015

Located 20-minutes from Rome city centre in Valle dei Casali, the A.Roma Lifestyle hotel and conference centre, is a newly built luxury hotel of LDC Italian Hotels. With the interior design realised this year by the hotel operators general contractor Techbau, the project consisted of the hotel’s refurbishment and completion, including the selection of all furniture and decorative elements.

Offering panoramic views of the capital from the rooftop lounge and terrace, the hotel complex includes 276 rooms, a restaurant to seat 400, conference rooms as well as spa and well-being facilities. In accordance with LDC Italian Hotels’ ideas of hospitality, the A.Roma hotel is also intended as an art gallery, with visitors can enjoy works by contemporary artists and antiques to celebrate the rich culture of the hotel’s surrounding area.

Each area of the hotel is identified by a combination of technical and decorative lighting elements, including Lolli e Memmoli’s Ugolino System circular bespoke chandelier. Designed specifically for its environment, the custom four-metre diameter chandelier features a clear and purple crystal pendant finish, installed in a circular space of a twelve-metre diameter. From the double level around it, mirrored windows multiply the view of the chandelier, which guests can marvel at from the double level around it.
With a reputation for pampering guests with luxury and comfort, Lolli e Memmoli’s chandelier makes an extravagant statement of lavish style, reflecting A.Roma’s celebration of Rome’s rich culture.