Adonis – Barovier & Toso

May 8, 2019

Adonis is a collection of chandeliers created by Marcel Wanders, inspired by the Dutch floral tradition and fused with Murano glassmaking, which has always featured flowers as a distinctive feature. The collection is comprised of a wall lamp and six chandeliers in two different styles – one elongated, the other more traditional – that can be combined in a modular system for the ultimate in personalisation. Graceful butterflies and tulip buds adorn the arms of every model, in a swirl of colour.

When asked about the inspiration behind the collection Wanders told darc: “We wanted to create an object that when you see it for the first time, you don’t feel like it’s new, you feel like old acquaintances. Our aim is to make objects that will be with us forever. We want to infuse the past, with the future and to do that with companies with a long history in craftsmanship makes it easy and also more interesting for us.”

Adonis comes in three shapes and three sizes making a total of nine modules. These can all be fixed amongst each other and in a variety of ways, meaning there are endless combinations that can be made when material colour and decoration placement is factored in.

Wanders continues: “Adonis is an incredibly versatile product that will stand the test of time for at least the next 100 years.”