Amulette – Fabbian

June 3, 2019

Designed by Bernhardt & Vella, the initial idea behind Amulette began two years ago when the design duo began working on decorative lighting concepts using LED technology. With a great tradition of working with glass and an expertise in LED lighting, Bernhardt & Vella approached Fabbian with their ideas. 

“We wanted to design a simple and versatile object, almost like a jewel,” the design duo tells darc. “Like a lucky stone, the glass reflects the light and is embedded in the metal frame. We worked with Fabbian on Amulette for around one year, with most of the time spent on engineering as we had to find a way to conceal the technological parts but produce something that still resulted in quality light.”

The glass used for Amulette reflects the light and diffuses it throughout the room while encased in metal like a precious stone – almost like a lucky charm. Its perfectly sharp geometry, combined with its compact size, underlines the exquisite finish of the engraved surfaces and the expressive power of metal. The shade is presented in extra-clear corrugated glass with frosted edges and is combined with a golden and black galvanic plating, satin-finish metal structure.

“It’s a very versatile product,” the designers continue. “It’s suitable for both private and public spaces as its size allows you to create various compositions – there is also a wall-mounted version. What makes it unique is its very essential design… it’s not a simple lamp, but a luminous jewel with a timeless secret that explores ancestral and unexplored worlds that excite, illuminated by a magic born of its light. We hope Amulette will bring lots of luck to those that work with it.” /