ANDlight – Pebble

December 1, 2021

ANDlight’s new Pebble pendant collection is designed by Lukas Peet in three colours.

Compositions of Pebble pendants create radiant chandeliers emphasising range and grandeur as they inhabit a space. The configuration of pendants from a multipoint canopy accentuates the Pebble’s organic silhouette and soft contours as they appear to pulsate in unison, radiating a mesmeric aura. Alluding to the rounded primordial forms of weathered river rocks, the internal glow animates the sculptural forms of the pendant.

Two glass-blown shapes are joined by a machined aluminium connecter, LED, diffuser and integrated heat sink. Paired as a large and small glass-blown form, two options in shape for each size and three possible finishes combine to make a seemingly bespoke pendant fixture — endlessly evolving in shape when viewed from different angles.

Chandeliers are arranged in three configurations – helix; double helix; and cluster suspended from either a grey, white or black powder-coated canopy.