Apex – Neoz

November 23, 2020

The body of Apex is precision-milled solid brass or aluminium alloy and joined via a clear acrylic machined tube to an internal injection moulded form. It features Neoz’s tried and tested cordless lamp control unit with a commercial-ready recharging docking system. The lamps are fitted with custom-made slim profile disc LEDs to provide dimmable 2600K, 94+ CRI, 100 Lumens and illumination, and are designed to give a direct, glare-free downlight and soft glow on the internal metallic cone. “The Apex cordless lamp has been designed to provide warm ambient task lighting for hospitality and home environments. Its compact size is important for restaurant tables where space is at a premium and the lamp is the central source of illumination,” explain designers Peter Ellis and Gabriel Tam.