Aqua Creations announce the launch of ‘Inside Out’

March 12, 2018

(Israel) – Israeli lighting atelier Aqua Creations launch ‘Inside Out’ – the first in its new range of affordable lighting fixtures. Inside Out is named for its inverted design, instead of hiding its workings and supporting structure, the hanging pendant draws attention to its striking steel frame made with four intersecting plates.

The Inside Out lighting fixture features a suspended white polymer shade and LED bulb that casts a soft but powerful white light. The hanging pendant becomes a luminous, subtly kinetic artwork as it twists gently on its axis, adding drama to any space. “Inside Out is our most ‘naked’ lighting fixture to date,” says Aqua Creations co-founder and creative director, Albi Serfaty. “Many of our lighting fixtures hide their impressive metal structures and complex mechanisms beneath a polymer or silk skin, but Inside Out draws attention to its unique components. It’s a celebration of pared-back design and precise craftsmanship.” Inside Out features a white painted-steel frame and ceiling plate. The hanging pendant can be used with dimmable LED bulbs but has no complex lighting mechanisms; meaning it can be installed quickly and efficiently without any technical expertise.