Artist Stefano Colferai creates stop-motion series with Foscarini

January 9, 2024

(Italy) – Milanese artist Stefano Colferai callborated with Foscarini in an animated stop-motion series exploring the relationship between light, lamps, individuals, and the home.

In his series for Foscarini’s “What’s in a Lamp?”, Colferai was inspired by another editorial project from the brand: VITE by Foscarini and Gianluca Vassallo, which demonstrates the emotion and atmosphere a Foscarini fixture can bring into the home.

The two created an animated series in which the brand’s lamps seamlessly integrate into the daily life of a friendly plasticine character throughout the day, from morning breakfast to evening binge-watching TV while accompanied by the light and form of the lamps in different rooms.

The collaboration between Colferai and Foscarni occurred through a shared interest on light, attention, an appreciation for form and craftmanship. Colferai said: “I found Foscarini’s VITE project fascinating from the start, depicting the relationship between light and lamp, person, and home through photography. It was greatly inspiring for me to capture imperfections in the shots of these narratives where light is abundant, attempting to question how the relationship between a person and their home has changed over the years.”

‘What’s in a lamp?’

Colferai adds: “The character experiences his daily routine accompanied by the light and form of the lamps in different rooms, preserving the language that characterises my artistic style with the same spontaneity as the VITE stories.”

Colfarai also discussed how light plays a role in his art, he said: “[It] is fundamental: my works wouldn’t exist without photography! While there’s consistency in the lighting of my works, I’ve conducted extensive research over the years to find the best relationship between my subjects, set, surroundings, and lighting, attempting to construct narrative through light. Communicating through photos and videos, the right light can significantly enhance a sculpted piece and frames arranged in sequence to create an animation, establishing the proper atmosphere, and defining the body and character of each scene. Studying the light in every animation or still frame is one of the moments I invest the most time in, along with modelling.”

To watch the Foscarini stop-motion clips visit @foscarinilamps on instagram

Artist Stefani Colferai