Arturo Álvarez inspired by the seas

August 29, 2019

(Spain) – 2019 has been a year for social concern around the health of the seas. This consideration and concern has guided the latest work of Arturo Álvarez through new decorative lighting proposals Mytilus and Aimei.

Experimentation, design, research, innovation and all handmade. Mytilus and Aimei join the philosophy of Arturo Álvarez, sculptural luminaries that build bridges between the two facets of the designer. These two proposals are the result of research, exploration and experimentation of new materials and processes. With the aim of improving the sustainability of designs as their background, Arturo Álvarez presents these new creations inspired by the seas and, through their names, calls to consider the problem of plastic in the oceans.

Aimei sees delicate spines that expand and protect the light. Flexibility and curves are cradled. This design made of ash wood, has infinite possibilities. Each perspective makes the light shine in a different way. This large luminaire has a light source made by artisans that blends with an organic and light wood form.

Mytilus is nostalgic and calm. It represents the sea in movement, waves, ocean currents, sinuous and rhythmic forms. It is movement, it is life, it is mystery and hidden treasures. This new collection has three proposals for all types of spaces. Handmade with stainless steel mesh, Mytilus features a light source wrapped in a handmade glass tulip. These pieces are worked by hand with great delicacy obtaining, thus, an organic form that flows with the space. The Mytilus collection is presented as a wall and pendant lamp.

These two new proposals continue with the representation of a business philosophy that emerged in 1994. For more than 20 years, the inspiration in nature has guided the handmade designs of Arturo Álvarez. Forms, materials, textures… All are treated with extreme care, delicacy and with high attention to detail in order to define the personality of the designs.