Audi HQ, Germany

February 25, 2020

Luxury car brand Audi, brings its headquarters to life with bespoke light installation by Catellani & Smith.

Since last December, cascades of light by Italian lighting brand Catellani & Smith have been shining on the façade of the main building of Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. Located in the heart of Bavaria, the huge complex is the largest production site of the renowned car manufacturer.

It houses the factory (founded in 1949), the headquarters, the technical development division and the amazing Audi Forum. Devoted to entertainment and a sought-after destination for many visitors, the Forum includes the remarkable Audi Museum Mobile, focused on the brand history.

The main building of the headquarters stands out in the Audi Piazza, at the centre of the complex, and features glass facades that allow people to see the working spaces inside it.

During the winter months, the transparent large windows were enhanced by Fil de Fer lights from Catellani & Smith, specially made in a custom ‘cascade’ outdoor version. Fastened to the windows’ frame and set on the façade following an irregular design scheme, the bright cascades, entirely handmade in aluminium wire and equipped with IP65 LED light sources, are able to create a surprising lighting effect.In fact, the intertwined and luminous structure of Fil de Fer lamps are amplified by effects of reflection on the glass façade and interact in various ways with the different materials, creating cascades of falling light that flows and and merges into a suggestive setting.

Images: Courtesy of Catellani & Smith