Barbara Corti announced as the new Chief Creative Officer of Flos

September 26, 2023

(Italy) – Barbara Corti has been announced as the new Chief Creative Officer of Flos. As CCO, she will set the creative strategy for the development of product lines in every division, as well as content creation strategies through all the brand’s online and offline channels.

Corti, who has been global Chief Marketing Officer at Flos since 2017, will move to her new role as of October 2023 and will be the first to take this position at Flos. CEO Roberta Silva introduced the role as a way of internalising a strategic function while enhancing the talent of a leader.

After graduating with a degree in architecture, Corti worked for 10 years as Creative Director in communication agencies and for seven years in the same role at Condé Nast Italia. Corti has also played an active role in international human rights projects, addressing the issue of Human Rights Design in developing countries.

As CCO, Corti will lead the creative and design team, which will include two important areas: product design and content design. The product design division, in close collaboration with the research & development team of all collections – decorative, architectural, outdoor, and bespoke – will guarantee the central role of designers, who will have access to an array of talent and skills for future projects.

The appointment of Corti’s new role coincides with the end of Flos’s collaboration with Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla in their role as Flos’s Design Curators, which was created specifically for the Milanese duo.

Silva comments: “In 2019 we created the role of Design Curator, starting a very fruitful collaboration with Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla. Now we are ready to take the next step. The time has come to internalise this role, which is fundamental for the success of Flos, through the creation of a new ‘Creative and Design Team’. Barbara Corti will guide this team, becoming Chief Creative Officer.”

Corti adds: “I am very thankful for this splendid opportunity and extremely motivated, not only to continue to strengthen the recognised brand identity of Flos, but also to deeply nourish the inclination to dare and the capacity to explore new territory, which is at the heart of our DNA. My objective to further strengthen the natural playground that Flos represents for the creativity of our designers, are the most important thing.”