Barovier&Toso feature in “Murano Illumina il Mondo

December 19, 2023

(Italy) – Barovier&Toso participates in the Murano Illuminina il Mondo, an art exhibition in Venice, Piazza San Marco where Murano glass industry meets contemporary art.

Murano Illuminates the World is the project promoted by The Venice Glass Week and the Municipality of Venice, which brings an exhibition project to Piazza San Marco and puts the spotlight on Murano glass and its future.

12 chandeliers came from the collaboration between 12 internationally renowned artists and nine of the most prestigious Murano furnaces. All artists were invited to reinterpret and transform a daily use object, such as the chandelier, into a work of art.

Each piece is used to transform Piazza San Marco to create a public art intervention for residents and tourists. Barovier&Toso created two bespoke chandeliers’, the first is Siphonophera by glass maker and artist Giorgio Vigna, and Il Redentore by artistic duo Monica Guggisberg and Phillip Baldwin.

Vigna chose to use Venetian crystal combining it with steel for his piece Siphonophera. Inspired by the wind and the water, natural elements that shape the form of  the light sculpture, creating a sense of movement so when suspended  it seems to sway to the rhythm of the wind.

Il Redentore, designed by Baldwin and Guggisberg, had the challenge of creating something contemporary and classic, both of the 19th century and of the 21st. The chandelier is composed of 44 arms in Venetian crystal, positioned on three levels: at the first level eight arms in antalia green, at the second 16 arms in bluastro tones, longer and more curved, and at the third level 20 red arms, even more extended and reaching upwards.

The internal silver specks, give the sculpture a sparkling appearance. In green, bluastro and red, the mounts that accommodate the arms are of the same colour, accentuating the chromatic strength of the entire chandelier.

This is the first edition of the exhibition and will be open to the public to see from 24 November 2023 to 29 February 2024.

Siphonophera by Barovier&Toso and artist Giorgio Vigna