Be.Re, Italy

February 19, 2019

In an iconic location next to the famous Vatican City, Be.Re is an oasis for beer lovers, where you can taste excellent craft beers of various types combining them various traditional dishes.

A space distributed across three areas – two bars and a restaurant which, decorated with barrels and spines for beer pays tribute to the popular drink. With access from the street, once guests enter, the interior is something to be admired: two different colours and materials are used to separate the staff area to the public, a game of symmetries and shades that complement and balance accordingly.

The staff area is characterised by a strong aesthetic, where the copper is dominant with wood-effect coatings and the original vaulted brick. It contrasts white and grey tones, mainly recognisable for the recovery of the original flooring in Carrara marble.

Natural light passes through the large glass façades open on both floors completing the lighting of Studio Italia’s suspended Spider lines creating an harmonious balance between the various colours used: warmer tones for staff area and opaque white for the public space.

Behind one of the bars, a staircase gives access to the upper level restaurant, which maintains the same combination of colours and materials of the bar. Here, a large open room allows customers to share a meal in a group, sit around a large communal table, or enjoy more privacy in smaller and secluded areas.