Slamp – LaFleur Velvet

June 1, 2021

LaFleur Velvet reinforces Slamp’s commitment to protecting biodiversity.

The new black matte base has an integrated magnet, and an accompanying disc that anchors the lamp under textiles for a floral mise-en-place, or that can be screwed into vertical surfaces, turning Lafleur into a whimsical appliqué.

Designer Marc Sadler describes the creative process that led him to shape Slamp’s technopolymers, bringing the battery-powered Lafleur table lamp to light. This undulating bloom is made of Lentiflex, which is hand-moulded at a controlled temperature into a unique blossom imitating those found in nature.

In 2019, Slamp called on a specialised group to transform extra lamp cuttings into portable hives for bumblebees, and for World Bee Day on May 20, 2020, in honour of its commitment to sustaining biodiversity, every client who purchases Lafleur on, from May 20 to June 22 received a jar of organic honey.