Bonaldo broadens product offering

November 18, 2019

(Italy) – Italian brand presents first ever lighting range.

A mix of design and the Venetian art of glassmaking, the Bonaldo lighting collection is the new range of light fixtures by the Italian brand, which specialises in the production of design furniture and accessories.

The product of tireless research and development activities in both style and materials, this new collection pays tribute to the most prestigious artisanal techniques reinterpreted with a modern take through collaborations with artists, specialised in lighting design.

All the products are made in the Veneto region and are made from blow and borosilicate glass, with manufacturing techniques that take their cue from the old traditions: being malleable and fluid, the matter is shaped by hand with stunning expertise and technique to create beautiful lamps of high scenic impact.

From suspension lamps to floor and table lamps, every piece in the new collection encapsulates the spirit of an area steeped in charm and synonymous with the culture of glassmaking. The creations evoke the charm of the best local art form and – whether used alone or as part of coordinated sets – enhance any residential or contract setting.

The collection was designed by a team of creatives including Marco Zito, Laura Cazzaniga and Ilaria Limonta, Oriana Favaretto, Silvia Braconi and Studio Team Design, who specialise in product design and lighting technology.

“The new lighting collection is an important step for Bonaldo in a period of real vitality and dynamism,” explains Alberto Bonaldo, the company’s Managing Director. “Our objective is to create setting which respond to the demands of an increasingly international and aesthetically discerning market. By teaming up with international designers and local artisans, we’ve been able to take a tradition which is the envy of the world and make it feel contemporary by incorporating different inspirations and influences.”

The collection includes:

Acquerelli designed by Marco Zito

Bardot designed by Laura Cazzaniga and Ilaria Limonta

Crossroad designed by Oriana Favaretto

San designed by Silvia Braconi

Sofi designed by Studio Team Design