Buzzishade XL & XXL – Buzzispace

October 28, 2019

(Germany) – BuzziSpace has introduced two larger-than-life acoustic lighting launches – BuzziShade XL and BuzziShade XXL.

Featuring the same craftsmanship and lacing as the brand’s original BuzziShade pendant, both BuzziShade XL and XXL have been updated with plus-sized forms, making them ideal statement pieces for lobbies and reception areas while also providing ambient light and acoustic control.

Due to their large surface areas and concave shape, BuzziShade XL-XXL efficiently trap sound waves as they travel upwards, preventing them from bouncing and creating reverberation. Paired with the pendants’ BuzziFelt-upholstered bodies, BuzziSpace’s signature acoustic felt made of 100% upcycled plastic bottle waste, BuzziShade XL-XXL effectively combat mid and high-tones alike through the principles of diffusion and absorption, reducing external noise levels to a minimum for improved wellbeing and productivity in any communal setting.