Vale Series now ready for market

January 28, 2020

(Canada) – Caine Heintzman’s latest light series pushes ANDlight forward.

Vale is a suspended lighting system with architectural competence. Backed by an ingenious framework, Vale suspends horizontally or vertically; singularly or plurally space – adapting to different possibilities.

The open-ended profile reveals the technical aspects of the fixture: the lightweight aluminium frame houses the LED with a high luminous efficacy, suspension and connection system, while providing structure for both light refracting lenses.

“Dynamism, created by juxtaposing light with a wave-like contour fuelled the initial research. Exploring scale, pitch and frequency and various materials helped settle for the most effective and interesting radiance.” says Caine Heintzman.

“Focused specifically on the lens of the luminaire – the process development determined form and functionality as it needed to be lightweight and translucent, yet able to create volume.”

VALE suspends horizontally or vertically, as a single or multiple pendant. Its edge-to-edge or end-to-end connection allows for a variety of arrangements.