Cameron Design House unveils chandelier at Holiday House

November 21, 2018

(USA) – Holiday House NYC 2018 showcased work from over 20 renowned designers by transforming a spectacular New York, Upper East Side home into a showroom.

Raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the event gave members of the public the opportunity to experience these designs for the first time.

Bespoke, sculptural pieces from UK-based Cameron House Design were featured throughout the space including a 20-metre version of the studio’s Haara Metsa pendant suspended from the ceiling in the centre of the spiral staircase.

The chandelier evokes the natural beauty of a weeping willow and its cylindrical lanterns are assembled from hand-drawn glass and polished brass.

Ian Cameron, Creative Director of Cameron Design House, said: “It is a huge privilege to be involved in Holiday House NYC 2018 – it is such a beautiful project for a fantastic cause.

“This is our first year of getting involved with Holiday House, and to be part of a collaboration of designers from across America has been a huge honour. This is the longest Haara Metsa we have made to date at 20-metres long and we couldn’t be happier with the result! We wanted our Haara Metsa to be a centrepiece for the show, bringing all of the spaces together to create a showstopping design experience.”