Caudiale, US

September 5, 2017

Founded in 1995, the global skin care brand Caudalie has grown extensively since its beginnings in France. Throughout the years it has expanded its roots far beyond its place of origin and now has locations in New York, Los Angeles and London.

The worldwide boutiques feature clusters of Niche Modern’s Binary pendants in crystal glass and hang from varying drop lengths to form a stunning centrepiece, creating an inviting space where customers can sample products and speak to a beauty consultant. Pendant lighting installations often hang above a tester bar, housed in the centre of the store, as pictured above.

Each silhouette begins with a sketch from Niche Modern’s Creative Director Jeremy Pyles, with every detail carefully thought out between a team of designers, glass artists, and technicians in itsBeacon, New York studio. After the Binary pendant is handblown in Niche’s Hot Shop, it is inspected, cut, drilled, ground and polished by hand in the Cold Shop to ensure the highest standard of excellence.

“We try to do things that are not overly flourished, where the economy and line and shape is very simple,” Pyles says about his lighting designs. “There’s not so much elaboration and not a lot of fussiness.”

Based on the orb glass shape, the Binary modern pendant light is a multi-lamp fixture, giving it a contemporary twist to Niche’s more classic Solitaire pendant light. These handblown glass pendants incorporate two A15 incandescent filament or A15 LED appliance lamps depending on a client’s preference. Available in an array of luxurious glass colours ranging from crystal to crimson, the Binary pendant adds a timeless and elegant touch in any environment.