Conran Shop launches first in-house lamp collection

October 25, 2018

(UK) – The Conran Shop releases fifteen exclusive lamps designed and made by well-lit.

The design uses new advances in LED technology to create fluid forms that emit bright, warm light for up to ten years using minimal energy.

‘Conran by well-lit’ includes flexible and non-flexible LED filaments, giving customers the choice of a warm and relaxing 2200K or a brighter 2600K for more functional use. 

Chris Stimson, Co-Founder of well-lit, said: “well-lit began five years ago in my parents’ garage. We were just two guys in Yorkshire with a crazy plan to manufacture LED light sources by hand and to the highest ethical standards.

“We never dreamed our lamps would be used by royalty and global hospitality brands and now they’ve made it onto the shelves of the one of the most iconic retailers in the world.

‘Working with Conran is an amazing new venture for well-lit, but it won’t change the way we do things. We will always focus on the things that matter to us, products and people, because that’s what really sets us apart.”