david pompa launches new collection

November 30, 2020

(Mexico) – david pompa unveils new lighting collection that uses Fiorito natural stone.

Coming in three variations, the pendant, wall and table lamps, the Origo collection uses natural stone to create sculptural lamps.

Origo pendant white becomes the perfect complement of the iconic Origo. In this lighter version, fiorito transforms the tone palette into an equilibrium of light and fresh grey tones. A balance of round shapes that vary in weight and function. A perfect sculptural object by day and a rich illuminated texture by night.

Flipping horizontally, Origo’s wall light becomes a new element as it shines on the surface behind. The contrast of the materials becomes more evident, yet the light stone colour allows a soft interaction. The opal glass illuminates the Fiorito stone, uncovering its nature and character.

A compact size with a pleasant warm light. Becoming the perfect complement to the Origo pendant, the smooth dimmer allows Origo table to shift from sculpture to table lamp, unveiling its gradient of textures. A balance of shapes that grant an elegant aesthetic through its functionality.

The Fiorito material is quarried in Puebla, Mexico. A light grey-coloured natural stone, which encloses small fossil remains, giving it a white tone relief. Its beige tone makes it very easy for use in neutral contemporary projects and is a materials that has been used both in America and Europe throughout ancient times due to its durability. Typically used for floors and walls due to its strong resistance, this stone is easy to work with since it allows several surface finishes. david pompa’s Fiorito is handcrafted in Mexico City, were its cylindrical form is shaped. The precise procedure enhances its physical characteristics, giving it its form through manual precise techniques.