Delta Light collaborates with Morgan Furniture

June 8, 2017

(UK) – Delta Light has collaborated with Morgan Furniture to design a light art installation using its Metronome fittings.

First shown during last month’s Clerkenwell Design Week, a festival celebrating the best in design and architecture in East London, the theme of the Morgan’s installation was ‘Underlying Geometry’.

Beneath the surface of every beautiful object lies a considered structure based on mathematical proportions, such as the golden ratio. From natural structures as delicate as leaves, to manmade structures as dramatic as The Shard, the underlying structure is what pushes these forms towards ‘perfection’.

We base our assessment of whether a person or design is beautiful on this geometry. Therefore, when creating art, products or architecture, this structure is the first element of consideration. Delta Light used the Metronome as it fitted perfectly within the scheme, not only for its shape but also for its story; world renown fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen took Delta Light’s Husk fitting, draped fabric over it and started cutting until he developed the concept for what we now know to be the Metronome.

Morgan’s have also collaborated with British artist Mark McClure on an art installation titled ‘Surface’ which dominates the main wall in the studio and was the perfect accompaniment the lighting installation, which will run until the end of August.