May 7, 2014

miriam aust_sebastian amelung_a floor lamphrDC1


“a floor lamp”
Miriam Aust, Sebastian Amelung
Kunsthochschule Kassel


“a floor lamp” is based on the simple mechanism of a beam balance. A long beam extends across the room and balances a lampshade on one side and a sandbag on the other. The sand- bag can be moved manually to four positions for different lighting situations. Reduction and simplicity define the form as well as the function of this luminaire. Its form and movement give it its unique character. The combination of the two coloured parts of the floor lamp, sandbag and lampshade can be chosen freely. The colour concept features light and dark tones of grey, yellow and pink. The lamp can be adjusted manually to various heights in accordance with the sur- roundings. A steel pin enables the user to mount the sand bag in four different positions. In each of these positions the lamp finds the balance itself.



cosima geyer_optimisthrDC1


Cosima Geyer


“Optimist” is a delicate clamp luminaire made of bent maple wood, which can be clamped to any table with a thickness ranging from 10 to 40 mm. Its clamp is made of a unique bending wood, which can be bent to extremes, thus creating the requisite tension without ever breaking. The project focused on finding a delicate and innovative form to match the character of LEDs, and to express the respective possibilities. The luminaire is extremely thin, which is only possible through the use of LEDs (due to minimal heat absorption, for the most part towards the back, and the small size of the LEDs). The back of the luminaire is made of aluminium, in order to ena- ble swift heat distribution and absorption, and thus longer-lasting LEDs. The LED strap is fixed to the aluminium. The cables (textile cables) run in a channel between the wood and the aluminium and exits the corpus through a hole in the aluminium.


markus bauer_extendet lighthrDC3


Extended Light
Markus Bauer

The design of the “Extended Light” draws attention to the effect of movement on both man and space. Movability is the central design element and the luminaire changes its appearance every time it is moved. The head is kept deliberately plain so that we focus on the movable arms, which allow flexible but precise illumination across a range of 1.80 m. The look and feel of the lighting fixture changes with every adjustment. The arms meet in the lamp head and close the electric circuit, forming a semicircle which features the illuminant. This uses LED bulbs. The luminaire can be dimmed to deliver precisely the intensity of light desired. A theoretical investi- gation of the movability of everyday objects and our perception of movement marked the start- ing point of the project. The effect of movable objects on people and the associated value added is of specific importance.



Anselm Kempf

The purist design of the standard lamp “Screen” is distinguished by clear lines. An eye-catching bend at the upper end gives its appearance special dynamics, while the aluminium surface gives Screen an elegant, state-of-the-art appearance. The name comes from the manner in which the light-emitting panel is constructed, which is based on the principle of a LCD screen. The light panel can be rotated 360°, the height is continuously adjustable from 142 to 222 cm. Together with the large luminosity of the panel, “Screen” becomes a highly versatile luminaire, be it for direct or indirect lighting, as a wall washer or torchiere, or of course for a combination of the two types of use through flexible pivoting of the panel. For added convenience for finding the luminaire in the dark, the power button glows permanently. With regard to ecology, the luminaire stands out for high efficiency of the applied illuminants. These achieve power of 14.4 W and emit 1,296 lm, which relates to energy efficiency of 90 lm/W.


calen knauf_standart table lamphrDC1

Standard Table Lamp
Calen Knauf


lena schlumbohm_jellahrDC2

Jella Magnetisch
Lena Schlumbohm


magdalena kovarik_tetractoryhrDC3

Magdalena Kovarik


marlen häselbarth_falling cubehrDC3

Falling Cube
Marlen Haeselbarth



oritz Putzier



Yifan Zhang