Designers Mind launches Designers Mind Academy

February 28, 2022

(Online) – As part of its ongoing mission to prioritise wellbeing in the design industry, Designers Mind has launched a brand new wellbeing coaching platform, Designers Mind Academy.

An online community and learning platform, the Designers Mind Academy offers members group coaching workshops and one to one wellbeing sessions in a supportive, safe environment.

Covering topics such as: physical and mental health, stress, productivity, healthy habits, goal setting, energy, optimising time, and working smarter, over the course of a month members will have exclusive access a series of 30-minute sessions. 

After an initial welcome session, members will have a wellbeing session diving into a specific wellbeing topic; a check-in session offering accountability and support; and a work session diving into a particular work skill, such as focus or structuring your day. Intended as live sessions, the Designers Mind Academy will also include a Replay Library, where members can catch up on sessions if they’re unable to attend live.

The online community, built on Circle with a desktop and app version, will also have places to share wins, challenges, and general chat, allowing members to engage with each other and the community. As it grows, guest speakers, mental health check-ins and more features will be added in line with the community’s needs.

Kaye Preston, Designers Mind Founder, Interior Designer and Holistic Health Coach, said: “My own experience with burnout led me to found Designers Mind, a community that raises awareness about the mental health and wellbeing of designers in the workplace through sharing, talks and workshops.

“Designers Mind Academy feels like the natural next step to take this community from talking and raising awareness to true transformation and change.

“My goal with the Academy is to work with organisations and individuals as a supportive coach and mentor, to help them develop practices that enhance their wellbeing. Shifting mindsets and behaviours towards healthier habits so they can create sustainable lifestyle changes, a sense of balance in their hectic lives, increase their energy and reduce overwhelm and burnout.

“I’ll be leading your monthly sessions and cannot wait to go on this wellness journey with you.”

Membership to the Designers Mind Academy is £15 per month. More information can be found on the Designers Mind website.