Designheure penetrates US market

August 25, 2016

(US) – Designheure engages in US certification to set up positions on the US contract market.

Designheure is now able to provide the ETL certificates required by the US and Canadian administrations for projects located in public spaces.

This deployment is based on the opening of a Designheure office in Miami that will manage an agent network in each major state and especially in a first step in areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco & Sacramento, Miami, Atlanta, New York, Toronto. During August, the managing team has visited all these states to make presentations, train and meet the teams.

The couture signature and French editorial line of Designheure collections represents a strong asset in America, where the brand image of France is a great value.

Designheure already generates 50% of its turnover abroad and has already completed major projects in 80 countries for over ten years. Its characteristic is to have had a very important export share (up 60%) early on and a very large number of countries, which could smooth the impact of various local crises, and helped the company to continue its growth over the years.

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