Dolce&Gabana partner with Barovier&Toso to light latest exhibition

June 3, 2024

(Italy) – Barovier&Toso has been chosen by Dolce&Gabbana as the lighting partner for exhibition ‘Heart to the Hands: Dolce&Gabbana’ in Milan, which runs until 31 July.

Bavorier&Toso leased 17 pieces to decorate the exhibition at Palazzo Reale, including chandeliers and suspensions, primarily featuring products from Murano, known for its strong decorative character and gold details.

Among these products is the 4607, a grand chandelier characterised by multicoloured flowers; the Agadir chandelier, inspired by Morocco’s Atlantic coast with its spiral workmanship; a crystal and gold Venezia 1295 chandelier, and the iconic Taif chandelier designed by Angelo Barovier in a 12-light and half-chandelier version. Additionally, six gold-coloured Robin suspensions were chosen to light the exhibition area dedicated to the tailoring workshop.

The invitation for Barovier&Toso to partner came from a longstanding relationship between the two ‘Made in Italy’ brands, including its significant collaboration on the Dolce&Gabana Casa Collection in 2021.