Drape Circle 28 – SkLO

September 11, 2019

SkLO has officially added the Drape Circle 28 chandelier design to the SkLO – LIT lighting collection. Produced as a bespoke fixture design for clients and showrooms over the last two years, it is now a production design ready-to-order.

Originally developed as a custom project design, part of a collaboration with acclaimed Danish designer, Nadia Olive Schnack, on one of her residential projects in Copenhagen, the Drape Circle 28 is a larger version of the Drape Circle 18 chandelier. The 28 adds another larger ring to the eighteen platforms, and ten additional lit spheres. The number in the product name indicates the number of lit spheres.

Like the Drape Circle 18, the new Drape Circle 28 chandelier offers many custom possibilities by its very nature. By working directly with the SkLO Design team, designers can explore the different possibilities of lengths and proportion which are possible – by adjusting the relationships between the locations of the rings and lit spheres, this chandelier can have many different personalities. Combine that with the options already part of the DRAPE collection – five glass colors, two metal hardware finishes, and four available fabric electrical cord colors – and the possibilities are clear.

The Drape Circle 28 references the classic cascading chandelier language and form, yet it is an entirely modern reinterpretation of the typology. Each lit sphere measures approximately 11cm in diameter, and features a signature SkLO detail of being broken hot from the glassblowing pipe and fire polished, leaving a small rippling mouth in the glass. Individually handblown, no two spheres are exactly alike. The individual spheres are hung on fabric-wrapped electrical cords.