Faro Barcelona – Cadaqués

February 28, 2020

Inspired by the town itself, which can be found on the Catalan coast, the Cadaqués outdoor light fixture from Faro Barcelona is full of Mediterranean charm and style.

Cadaqués evokes enjoyment of outdoor spaces, taking us to the warmest months of the year. Inspired by beach loungers, it boasts special benefits for outdoor coastal spaces, in addition to a unique, original design.

The light falls from above, generating a degraded effect and creating a state of wellbeing, relaxation and comfort. Its original metal structure in the shape of a saddle allows it to be stackable, thereby facilitating its storage.

The shade is made from Vertisol textile, a special fabric for outdoor environments with an IMO (International Maritime Organisation) certificate, guaranteeing its resistance to the most adverse environmental conditions. Furthermore, the light fitting comes with IP65 against solid and liquid objects.

All these benefits give it high protection and resistance, making it ideal for outdoor zones, especially those exposed to high levels of salinity, wind and rain. It incorporates LED technology to contribute energy saving and environmental responsibility.

The main innovation that makes Cadaqués different is the concept. A new type of hybrid product: a room divider that at the same time emits light. This proposal responds to the increasingly popular trend in which the barriers between product categories are blurring, giving rise to hybrid and more functional solutions.


Image: Ricard Badia