Faro Barcelona’s Hook light wins Reddot Design Award

July 18, 2018

(Spain) – Faro’s most socially conscious project to date wins Reddot Design Award.

Faro Barcelona received the Reddot Design Award for its portable luminaire, Hook. Judged by an independent jury of 40 reputed experts of design, the Reddot Awards are divided into three categories: product Design, communication design and design conception.

Judges were impressed by the brands social consciousness and the lights versatile yet sleek design. Hook is produced entirely in Spain from recycled bottle caps, Faro Barcelona commissioned OiKo Design Office, the design studio headed by Salva Codinach and José López-Aguilar to design the light. Environmentally friendly-Hook’s design optimises every phase of the lifecycle of its components in order to reduce environmental impact, its casings are made of recycled polypropylene, a sustainable plastic that is also present in the diffusor to encourage recycling.