First major solo show for Tangent

July 31, 2019

(UK) – Tangent takes part in London Design Festival through solo exhibition – interweaving technology with design and creating work that bridges the gap between fantasy and reality.

Taking place from September 4 – 22nd at Paddington Central Design Route, Sheldon Square, Tangent showcases its full spectrum of lighting products and sculptures. These works include INAHO, an interactive light installation and winner of the Lexus Design Award, and HERE, a sculpture of planet Earth originally commissioned by Hermès.

INAHO (2013)
Inspired by the subtle motion of golden ears of rice in the wind, this light installation casts luminous dots, reminiscent of paddy rice, through perforated tubes. Motion-detection sensors embedded in the base of the installation cause the stems to sway as a person passes by. INAHO is the Grand Prix winner of Lexus Design Award 2013.

OVAL (2018)
OVAL is a coffee table containing an unconventional lighting effect mediated by liquid and air. Air bubbles rise rhythmically through a clear, viscous liquid and break a surface of dark silicone oil. LEDs set beneath the liquid illuminate the space through the bubbles.

AMBER (2018)
AMBER is a pendant lamp in which an LED circuit board is embedded in coloured resin. The light source, reminiscent of a gentle flame, diffuses into surrounding darkness to create a smooth gradation.

HERE (2019)
This sculpture of planet Earth, 3.5 metres in diameter, is covered in 20,480 triangular tiles of recycled solar cells. The cells are a very complex distribution of blue shades – metaphorically appropriate to our planet. This work was originally commissioned by Hermès for their exhibition at SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie), one of the world’s most prestigious trade fairs for watches, held in Geneva.

RISE & DRIFT (2017)
Tangent submitted two ideas to Wonderglass who proudly manufacture all of its glass products in Venice. RISE captures the impression of air bubbles
rising through water in a cuboid composition of resin-embedded blown glass globes. DRIFT is produced by mixing three different blue pigments
with transparent glass while in a molten state. The result is a mesmerisingly complex pattern of blue shades reminiscent of water currents.