Fizzy pop, music and Davide Groppi

October 14, 2015

(Worldwide) – Italian designer Davide Groppi announces participation in Coca-Cola Company and music artist’s Ekocycle initiative.

The collaborative brand is driven by the ambition of using recycled materials to create desirable consumer products. Davide Groppi’s Neuro lamp was added to the exclusive Ekocycle Shop in Harrods this year. Available in a special version made by recycled materials, the Neuro lamp re-interprets the original idea of the first electric light fixtures.

Its simple features include a plug, write, rPP insulator, rALU shade and 9.5 W LED bulb. The final design solution depends on how parts are positioned; consumer decides how to place the insulators and write, contributing in this way to the overall creative process.