Ippolito Fleitz Group

May 9, 2014

Based in Stuttgart, with offices in Zurich and Seoul, Ippolito Fleitz Group is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary design studio that works with clients to develop architecture, products and communication that fit within a client identity, while also offering something unique in their own right.

Established by Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz in 2002, the group now comprises a team of 37 designers, covering a wide field of design, from strategy to architecture, interiors, products, graphics and landscape architecture, each contributing specific skills to the alternating, project-oriented team formations.

Simply put, their goal is to give the complex identity of their clients an adequate shape.
Naturally, light is a vital part of their design focus. “Light is a major factor in the orchestration and creation of drama within a space,” says Ippolito. “Lighting underpins emotion, creates focal points, and orients. Above and beyond simple general lighting, especially in retail, excellent lighting is a critical factor that influences perception and creates a visual hierarchy. It is becoming an ever more important aspect of the branding of any corporate identity.”