Future plans for northmodern

July 7, 2016

(Denmark) – Starting in 2017, northmodern will cease being a biannual trade show to become an annual event with a more exclusive offering and a sharper focus on furniture.

Following northmodern in August 18-20 this year, the first annual trade show will take place May 9-11, 2017.

Kristian W. Andersen, Director at northmodern, commented: “Our vision for northmodern is clear. Together with our partners, Danish Design Centre and Design denmark, we intend to make Copenhagen and Denmark a vital global design destination once more. Over the last 3 seasons, northmodern has put forth a sharply curated offering. Going forward, we will continue to refine our focus to offer the best of furniture, lighting, kitchen, industrial design and interior design. Our aim is to propel the northmodern platform to the pinnacle of international design.”

In addition to the northmodern fair, the northmodern studio construction is underway – a unique design centre dedicated to the international and Scandinavian furniture industries with permanent showrooms and a ground floor reserved for the most talented and innovative new minds of the industry. northmodern studio will also house pop up galleries, stores, a unique gastronomical area and contemporary art installations.

Together, northmodern fair and the northmodern studio will bring vibrancy essential to the growth of Bellakvarter, the unique new urban development project currently under construction in Copenhagen’s Ørestad area. As the BellaKvarter community takes root and grows, northmodern anticipates new interactions between exhibitors, residents and creative minds, making northmodern the only trade show platform with its own city.

“In short, we believe that Copenhagen’s creative industries are amongst the best in the world. What they need is a well-integrated, innovative platform that will propel them forward and enable them to thrive in a hyper-competitive global marketplace. Our mission at northmodern is to be that platform,” said Andersen.

CEO at Danish Design Centre (DDC), Christian Bason commented: “We are excited that Copenhagen and Denmark take the leadership in placing design on the global agenda. We are committed to a fruitful and sustained collaboration with northmodern.”

Managing Director/CEO Design denmark, Morten Grøn said: “As partners, Design denmark is strongly committed to take an active part in realising the vision we share with northmodern.”

Allan Agerholm, CEO, BC Hospitality Group, concluded: “Danish design is world-renowned and Copenhagen is one of the most exciting and desirable capitals in the world. It’s therefore sound business for us to invest in a solid platform to showcase the best of Danish design in a cutting edge facility combining permanent showrooms and the flexible exhibition space of the Bella Center in the middle of our new BellaKvarter.”

The next edition of northmodern will feature more brands, new talents, exciting collaborations and special projects.