Grau launch Fire, the “world’s first light player”

April 23, 2024

(Italy) – German-based company, Grau presents a new portable lamp fire in Milan Design Week 2024.

Named the “world’s first light player” due to its moving light compositions, users can click and dim through various settings and vibes with a motion sensor. Fire’s design encompasses a soft uncompromising light experience that channels a classic ambient table lamp.

Grau references recent scientific studies, which show that the wrong light in the evening increases the risk of mental illness by 30%. Fire offers a warm light free from blue light to enhance the production of the relaxation hormone melatonin alongside other health-promoting effects.

Equipped with ultra-fast charging, Fire charges in two hours via USB-C providing up to 50 hours of portable light and a smart LED which indicates the remaining battery.

Timon and Melchior Grau, founders of Grau, say: “Fire is the biggest milestone so far. We are launching a new kind of lighting experience and are convinced that Fire marks the start of a new era of lighting – the era of living light.”