Hangar Design Group

May 6, 2015

Showcased at this year’s Euroluce, Italian design agency Hangar Design Group collaborates with Vistosi on its latest pendant lamp collection – Futura.

Established in 1980 by Aberto Bovo and Sandro Manente, Hangar Design Group is a multidisciplinary design and communication firm. Right from the start, the aim of the agency was to gather under one name the various departments dedicated to communication, graphics, retail, industrial design and branding strategies. Today, boasting a staff of over 40 collaborators operating in Europe, Asia and the US, Hangar Design Group is an atypical multidisciplinary company with its headquarters in Italy.

Aberto Bovo was born in Padua in 1954. Since graduating in architecture in Venice, he concentrated on the dialogue between various disciplinary activities. Greatly interested in all new cultural phenomena, he is attentive to socio-cultural changes, defining them from the perspective of design to give ‘form’ to the studio’s philosophy. Taking up the role of strategic art director at Hangar Design Group, he is focused on the aesthetic aspect of design, developing a specific professional ability in the field of contemporary creative scenarios. A firm believer in the importance of innovation, since 1990 Bovo has pursued the strategy of the design team, gathering within the studio a large number of young creatives with interdisciplinary skills.

Sandro Manente was born in Venice in 1957. Ever since he graduated and began his career as an architect he studied graphic design and its use on the market as a place of communication. Thus he developed the ability to foresee trends in colour, pattern and materials. Since 1981 he has used this ability in the field of interior design as Associate Partner of Hangar Design Group. A true enthusiast of handicraft skills, his design projects are based on functionality and pragmatism, which adapt design to the needs of manufacturing and production. In Hangar Design Group he coordinates the different departments, paying special attention to the flexibility of the various disciplines involved in the project and, in particular, to visual design.

For this year’s Euroluce show Hangar Design Group collaborated with Vistosi on its Futura pendant lamp collection. Using blown glass, the range is available in three exclusive colours combined with different finishes on the metal ring. With the glass blown in one piece, it is the handcrafted process that makes the colour transparent in the upper part of the lamp and diffuser in the bottom part.