Himmee launches AR Instagram filter

June 25, 2020

(Finland) – Himmee boosts interior design with Instagram and augmented reality.

What looks good in the shop doesn’t always suit your home the way you thought – and something that didn’t catch your eye in the shop might be just the perfect fit for your home. Finnish Himmee has set out to help people avoid hit-and-misses while shopping by offering an AR solution for testing out the company’s design lights.

Its AR Instagram filter can be used to place its design lights in existing interiors. Using the filter, people can see – almost in real life – how a Himmee lamp would look like in, for example, their living room or bedroom.

“We want our Instagram filter to assist our clients in choosing the perfect light,” explains Timo Niskanen, founder and designer of Himmee. “It can be difficult to imagine what a certain type of light would look like without actually testing it, so we want to lend a helping hand for those struggling to make a choice.”

Himmee’s classic and functional lights suit all kinds of spaces and interiors; but as the company wants to work against single-use and throw-away culture, the filter can help avoid unsuitable purchases or having to ship products back and forth. Now, customers can test the light without the need to buy it first, meaning that they can make the right kind of purchase at once.

“In general, Instagram filters are for fun and just function as part of marketing,” Niskanen notes. “However, we wanted to develop a filter that is actually useful for our clients and good for the environment, too.”

Previously there have been applications that use augmented reality, but many of them require company-specific software. Instagram has over a billion monthly users globally, so using the filter is no extra hassle to intrigued customers.