Hollands Licht – 24

April 17, 2020

New to the Hollands Licht collection is 24 by Dutch designer Julia Raymakers. A dynamic lighting design that helps to align your daily rhythm by providing the right light for every time of the day. Human centric lighting by individual control of the colour temperature and / or the light intensity (dimming), the light is adjusted to the desired function and mood of the moment.

Twenty Four includes two light sources that provide direct and indirect light. The LED strip is multifunctional by being dimmable and adjustable in colour temperature from 2700K to 4000K. It provides general lighting for focus, working and concentration as well as warm light for breakfast and lunch. The LED spot provides intimate light for cosy and relaxed occasions.
Both sources can be switched on/off and adjusted in light intensity independently by integrated touch dimmers. The fixture can rotate 360°, which makes it possible to switch between working and living 24 hours a day.

Designed, developed, and produced in the Netherlands where Hollands Licht works together with local craftsmen, the fixture is handmade in a social working place by people who have a distance to the labour market and society.

Julia Raymakers, who studied Industrial Design at the Technical University Delft, is driven by the continuous search for more social and environmental friendly design that contributes to a better world, now and in the future. UNICEF calculated that in 2050 70% of the world population will live in cities. With the design of 24, Raymakers is responding to this trend, as co-working and co-living will beome more common every day.