Holloways of Ludlow appointed UK distributors of studio davidpompa

January 23, 2020

(UK) – Holloways of Ludlow appointed exclusive UK distributor of studio davidpompa stock ins its latest products across the four UK stores.

studio davidpompa works with unusual materials such as black clay and volcano rock to create new aspects of lighting. Its aim is to have a deeper understanding of our history expressed in the transformation of the materials. The team also challenge materials to unwrap their nature and show the beauty of imperfection.

Holloways of Ludlow CEO, Mark Holloway, said: “My team and I are continually looking for new and inspiring designers. studio davidpompa creates unique objects with a strong commitment to honest materials. It is on a constant journey to discover new aspects of Mexican culture. I have seen nothing to compare to the originality and pure joy of davidpompa’s designs and that is why I feel very proud to be the exclusive stockist of studio davidpompa in the UK.”

The studio’s range includes the Samam wood and brass pendant lamp, named Amelia which explores the elegance of balance between two hand crafted materials with its smooth finish. The tubular shape with its edged terrace combines two materials that give a slight flavour of the 1950’s.

The Handwoven PVC wall lamp, Caleta is a handcrafted game of lights and shadows reflected on the wall. Caleta wall light creates a light flare through the hand woven structure. The series is available in two colours in order to fit to different settings.

Meta Ochre brings colour and contrast to the wider Meta collection. Quarried in Puebla, Mexico, Travertino is a natural stone with an ochre tone, containing mineral inclusions in white, light and dark grey; its patterns are elegant and refined. The visual contrast between materials creates a new composition with a Mexican flavour. A match adding life to neutral spaces, complementing an earth palette.

The Origo is a geometric interaction between volcanic rock and opal glass diffuser. Two geometrical spheres of contrasting materials. The smooth dimmer allows the Origo to shift from sculpture to table lamp. The new composition complements both pendant and wall version, bringing its aesthetic to a more personal space. The Origo floor version elevates the opal glass and the volcanic rock to a new perspective.

The tubular shape of the Barro negro pendant lamp, with its edged terrace combines heritage and tradition with a modern twist. Barro negro is a special clay from Oaxaca characterised by its black colour that comes from the smoke during the firing process.