Hotel de Rougemont, Switzerland

January 20, 2016

Italian design firm Plusdesign selected a golden array of Catellani & Smith lamps to lend an earthy glow to the heart of Hotel de Rougemont chalets in Switzerland.

Surrounded by panoramic views of French Switzerland, the Hotel de Rougemont provides the ultimate Alpine experience in Gstaad with a complex of five chalets. Designed for a sophisticated and international audience, the hotel underwent a skilful renovation with the interior carried out by Italian architects Claudia Sigismondi and Andrea Proto of Plusdesign. The discreet luxury of the interior has its roots in the traditional and handcrafted Alpine style chalet, predominated by warmth of local natural materials; the contemporary interpretation of this style seen in Hotel de Rougemont combines the strong aesthetic impact with a warm and family-orientated style of hospitality.

In the common spaces, panels of ceiling light fixtures and large windows on the panorama widen the space, combining internal and external, thus breaking the uniformity of the rustic surfaces, covered with wooden planks recovered from ancient chalets.

Light in this project plays a fundamental role, going far beyond its mere function of illumination to really complete the style of its environment; Catellani & Smith’s gold light fixtures were an inevitable choice. “Natural light is received, reflected and amplified by the window,” said Sigismondi, “while the integrated ceiling illumination contributes to articulate spaces with the accent lamps that break the homogeny with metal touches and elegant textures.”

The metal textures work to create a dynamic space, generating suggestive reflections and amplify the sense of preciousness, materiality and elegance.

Guests are greeted in the hotel lobby by Catellani & Smith’s PostKrisi chandelier, comprised of small globes that glisten in the daylight. The wooden reception desk is illuminated in its panels, creating a warm and sophisticated glow in conjunction with the Catellani & Smith’s statement piece.

Moving through to the hotel’s accommodation, each of the nineteen bedrooms and fourteen suits have a customised layout; clean lines and handpicked natural materials combined with glass surfaces, in contemporary and warm chalet style apartments. The palette of colours are mainly based on natural, earthy and sandy tones, as seen throughout the rest of the hotel, with rough-textured surfaces conversing with the rugged surroundings. Dark stone accents and some metal glitter help to break uniformity.

To complement this scheme, Catellani & Smith’s Disco pendant features above the coffee table in the lounge where guests can sink into a soft sofa after a long day’s ski. Lucenera floor lamps also provide more specific illumination for those reading in the lounge area. Adjascent to this is the dining area, where Stchu-moon pendants glow above a chunky wooden table, creating a warm ambience for guests to enjoy each other’s company while a sharing a meal in their home away from home.

Alternatively, the hotel features a bar and restaurant for guests to enjoy their evenings in a livelier atmosphere. The theme of gold running throughout the lighting products continues here, with eye-shaped Malagola pendants glowing above the bar. In a separate dining room, high ceilings with strong wooden beams and small chalet windows hold the restaurant. For what is essentially a vast space when empty, solid, sophisticated furniture stands beneath Macchina della Luce and Luna Piena pendants, making statements with their large physical presence emitting a gentle light above the tables.

Catellani & Smith’s ceiling suspensions and floor lamps throughout the hotel in conjunction with the interior scheme enrich the chalets, reinterpreting light and transforming it into charm, dream and romanticism. Marking its territory in the field of luxury chalets, Hotel de Rougemont is hard to beat in luxury and comfort, when after all, nothing more is needed after a hard day’s skiing in the Swiss Alps.