Hotel Vitalpina Icaro, Italy

May 3, 2017

Hotel Vitalpina Icaro is located on the Seiser Alm plateau with stunning panoramic views of the Dolomites.

The hotel consists of 22 rooms and suites, Posta prioritaria (express mail), Spuren in Schnee (tracks in the snow) and clouds suites are all fully equipped as power sleeping rooms, fitted with the exclusive SAMINA sleeping system based on the company’s unique healthy sleep concept which helps to regenerate the body and mind at a higher level while sleeping.

Designed by senior interior designer Ilaria Mulas from Beainteriors an architectural and design studio in Brixen Italy, the Posta prioritaria suite won the AIT Application Award for best hotel room.

The south-facing balcony of the room allows guests to sleep and wake to breath-taking views with just a push of a button, plenty of wooden flooring and panelling, soft cushions and uninterrupted outside views make this particular suite a cosy corner where guests can truly relax.

The suite takes its name from the Hubert Kostner piece ‘express mail’ which adorns the material covered wall of the room. Inspired by a popular stamp used in the past to ensure rapid holiday greetings, Kostner took the classic motifs of the enchanting landscape pictured on a postcard and carved them into a solid piece of wood polished with gleaming lacquer.

The rooms lighting scene is dominated by Cyrcus Nebula pendants from In-es. Artdesigns Matt collection. The pendants have a smooth, even, marmoreal look thanks to the use of Nebulite, an innovative materiel made of resins and fibres that enhance the lights brightening power. Nebula’s clean and linear design matches perfectly with the suites modern and minimal styling.