Hyde Park Château London, UK

January 18, 2023

The Hyde Park Chateâu was envisioned as a French chateâu-style inspired residence with monumental architectural proportions and refined luxurious materials.
Every room in the house unveils as a sequence of narratives framed by contemporary art and furniture. Interiors and architecture was completed by Javier Robles Studio, with bespoke lighting and furniture by Robles’ brand, Lumifer.
A major focal point of the project is Lumifer’s monumental custom Helix lighting installation, which accentuates the materials and geometry of the grand staircase.
The living room, dining room, and foyer follow the same style and architectural proportions, adorned by minimal decorative themes that are unified by the diverse and harmonious lighting and furniture collections designed by Robles and made by Lumifer.
Each Lumifer piece was carefully selected, customised, and coordinated to create a seamless and timeless design vocabulary magnified by the craftsmanship and richness of materials and finishes that are synonymous with the brand.
Lighting collections featured throughout the property include Helix, Navis, NYX, Switch, Titan, and Bouy.