Studio d’Armes – Hyphen

April 29, 2022

Derived from the ancient Greek word ὑφ’ ἕν (huph’ hén), Hyphen means together, under one. The Hyphen collection is the unification of opposites and is available in several materials: warm, soft, delicate porcelain, which is joined by cold, strong, bright steel.

Flush with curves, Hyphen lamps are versatile and come in suspended and free-standing versions. Armes’ suspended models boast two cylindrical shapes connected by a pivot that can be rearranged, casting soft directional light in different orientations.

The Hyphen table lamp is made of one or two modules that can be arranged in many ways thanks to a base that fits perfectly into its curves.

Several materials and finishes are available: Chromatic black cast steel, which boldly reflects changing colours along its lines. Sanded black cast steel, which highlights the lamp’s round shapes, and matte white porcelain, which is delicately coloured by the reflections of the light that surrounds it.

Like all other Armes lamps, Hyphen was designed and made in Morin Heights, Quebec. Its porcelain components are created in the same town by artist and ceramicist Gréta Jonckheere, who lent her expertise to Hyphen’s development. Made individually with the utmost care, each porcelain module requires many manufacturing steps over several days. The moulds are designed and made in Montreal.