Icone Luce Wins German Design Awards

February 19, 2019

(Germany) – Caveau wall light beats competition in lighting category.

Icone Luce faced more than 46 designers from eleven countries in this year’s German Design Awards. Prizes are awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape, guaranteed by a highly esteemed international jury.

It is with Caveau, designed by Marco Pagoncelli, that Icone Luce stood out and was able to win this prestigious award in the lighting category.

Pagnoncelli captures light and inserts it inside a ‘caveau’. A new concept of lamp: no longer a minimum size recessed lamp, no longer a concave space with the function to accommodate an illuminating body, but a product able to combine the prerogatives of a spotlight with the size of a wall lamp with a brand new fully retracting system. All these things characterise Caveau, an unexpected creativity combined with technological innovation. 

This wall light consists of a round element hinged to the wall. Composed of a thin disc of six millimetres provided with a rounded circumference that allows the adherence to the wall. When closed, it completely merges with the wall, without any protrusion or edges.

While opening, the disc is positioned at an angle chosen according to the requirements of brightness. The total opening is obtained with the positioning of the movable element perpendicular to the wall and parallel to the floor.

Through a selection panel, you can also adjust the brightness intensity. The electronic control unit, compatible with most known home automation systems, along with the the power supply unit, are incorporated in the recessed section.

Using minimum space, this lamp is characterised by a simple insertion and removal system, with no need for wall works.