Ingo Maurer presents design concept, Orbittu

May 29, 2020

(Germany) – Ingo Maurer has developed a new design concept Orbittu with Plug & Light System.

The dynamic lamp, designed by Axel Schmid and David Engelhorn from the Ingo Maurer team, is connected to a light socket with Plug & Light technology. This specific magnetic connection allows the Orbittu to rotate 360 degrees. A small LED spotlight is integrated into the housing that throws light on an elliptical mirror sheet made of aluminium. The sheet is also fully rotatable, and catches the light and sheds it on the desired spot – sometimes directly as a spotlight, sometimes indirectly via the wall – this creates soft, indirect light. As the mirror sheet has a shiny and a structured side, the light effect can be individualised, which allows the appearance of the lamp to change with every turn.

The Plug & Light system was developed by Elektronik-Technologie-Zentrum Insta. The core of the system is an interface that uses magnetic force to hold together energy-supplying light sockets and light attachments. The moment the light attachment is plugged in, the luminaire is ready for operation.

“We see the Plug & Light technology as a possibility to individually connect luminaires to walls or ceilings in small spaces. The standard makes it easy for planners or contractors, which is a great advantage for the industry,” explained Claude Maurer, Managing Director Ingo Maurer.