Juniper – Ground Control Double USB-C Port

March 25, 2020

Lighting design and manufacturing studio, Juniper, is expanding their furniture-mounted power accessory collection with The Ground Control Double USB-C Port. The Ground Control Collection offers power and dimming accessories inspired by the dials and switches of mid-century mission control centres.

Using vintage aesthetics and modern functionality, Juniper constructs the Ground Control Collection in solid brass, providing people with a high-end experience whilst controlling and powering the latest technology.

The Ground Control Double USB-C Charger is Juniper’s solution to universal charging capabilities. USB-C is for rapid charging, data, audio and video transferring on new devices. New PCs and phones are switching to USB-C parts for efficiency and universality, prompting Juniper to add the option to their Ground Control Collection.

The Ground Control USB-C can be installed on desks, panels and furniture to create luxury charging stations for home, office and hospitality settings.

The power accessory features two USB-C parts and can pair with other Ground Control units like the Dimmer Dial and Power Receptacle for a custom tabletop system of lighting controls and power accessories.