Kaija Wuollet joins Reddymade as Principle

September 28, 2023

(USA) – Reddymade has announced that Kaija Wuollet has joins New York-based design studio as Principle.

Wuoletts’s role will include managing design work and clients, fostering company culture and mentorship, and continuing to build the strategic business vision.

As the former Director of City Building at WXY architecture, Wuollets’s client portfolio includes Amtrak, Empire State Development, City of Dallas, New York City Health and Hospitals, New York Power Authority NYPA, and NYC’s Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environment.

Suchi Reddy, Founding Principal of Reddymade comments: “I’m delighted to welcome Kaija to the team. Her exemplary strategic vision and experience with community building will amplify the Reddymade ethos of – form follows feeling.”

Wuollet adds: “At the core, Suchi and I are both makers and thinkers. From individual objects to large environments and unique experiences, we’re driven by a vision to cultivate spaces that drive human engagement, potential, and wellbeing. As a longstanding admirer of Reddymade, it’s invigorating to be joining the firm during such a pivotal chapter.”