Kundalini presents 2021 Collection

April 27, 2021

(Italy) – Kundalini announces the launch of its 2021 collection, which includes table, floor, ceiling and suspension lamps.

The Kundalini 2021 collection portrays the contemporary and sophisticated style of the Italian lighting design company. Decorative table and floor lamps, ceiling and suspension lights, which stem from new and well-established partnerships to create ever-changing atmospheres. It is a series of versatile lighting suggestions, perfect for residential and contract settings.

The collection gives shape to new ideas thanks to the all-Italian expertise of Kundalini. The care taken over the construction details, the research on materials and production, entrusted by the company to the very best manufacturers, translate into a blend of high performance and beauty. Multiple sources of inspiration include nature, science, art and nods to the past reworked with a contemporary vision.

Marc Sadler designed Tyla, a floor lamp with a delicate, ethereal look. The slender stem-like supports and glass shade with meticulous faceted patterns conjure up images of the bulrush, an elegant aquatic plant.

Poise, design by Robert Dabi, reinterprets the table lamp resulting in a playful and interactive version. A circle of light and a metal rod to be positioned at will in acrobatic or static poses for a lamp with which to establish an empathetic relationship.

Dala, designed by Francesca Smiraglia, is a fluid, yet disciplined ceiling light. The two outer metal casings wrap around the large diffuser, overlapping like the petals of a flower.

The two suspension lights in the collection are by Valerio Sommella and Anonima Luci. The cylindrical shape of Jer is tinged by colours in eye-catching shades. The glass, ground by hand, creates sophisticated geometric patterns.

Bolha plays on the sensory contrasts in the use of glass. An ethereal, transparent bubble for the diffuser. A textured inner cylinder for the light source which resembles the filaments of traditional incandescent light bulbs.