Kwerk, France

April 29, 2020

Kwerk chooses Linea Light Group for its business spaces on the 10th and 11th floor of the tallest skyscraper in France.

Kwerk is the new definition of workspace sharing in a luxury co-working environment with a decidedly artistic and innovative character, thanks to Albert Angel, architect and designer, and Lawrence Knights, French-English entrepreneur. 

The space is made up of 400 work stations arranged in a space to create an ad-hoc midway between a decorative showroom and a museum of culture. In addition, there is a fitness room with cardio machines and a wellness area where you can recharge from work stress or participate in yoga.

The lighting design supplied by Linea Light Group highlights the distinctive aspects of the Kwerk sites, namely the white decorative statues placed in the walls, resting on the ground and positioned in display windows. To illuminate them, Eyelet spotlights were used because of their compact dimensions and their extremely versatile application. Custom-made, ceiling-mounted Oh! Mars spheres add a distinctive, decorative element in all the common areas, which are reminiscent of the red planet, thanks to their characteristic colour scheme.

Bookshelves, niches and furnishings have been highlighted thanks to the precision lighting of Nitum flush-mounted spotlights and Pound floodlights, elegant and minimal with extremely high performance.

For the wellness area, Vos downlights with Warm Tune technology were used: the simultaneous variation of intensity and colour temperature, from the classic white warm all the way to the softest shades that are reminiscent of beautiful candlelightcreate different, more relaxing atmospheres than those of other spaces along the corridors to direct lighting toward the desired spots, taking advantage of the great visual comfort and the set-back source with pinhole optics compartment for total control of the direct glare. 

Finally, to light up the bistro area, there are versions of Tour Ø74cm with internal side emission, perfect for taking a break under the sign of wellness and taste. 

Linea Light Group also characterise the outdoor area, where the Iris_67 and Periskop floodlights were chosen to enhance the vegetation with beams of accent lighting.

Images: Nicolas Cardin