La Croisette, France

February 19, 2019

Cannes is a glamorous resort town along the French Riveria, famed for its luxurious hotels and beaches that attract the rich and famous. One of the most appreciated jewels in the city of Cannes is the scenic promenade of La Croisette. Stretching over 3 km, the promenade sits under tall pine and palm trees between the sandy beaches and the natural coastal road.

La Croisette is home to a number of deluxe hotels dotted along the curved Mediterranean coastline. The renowned Le Grand Hotel is a stand-out feature along the French Riveria. This glamorous five-star hotel is set in front of lush gardens and greenery and promises guests a perfect Riveria dream stay.

Le Grand Hotel is home to La Plage 45, a relaxing and fashionable beach-front restaurant. Set beyond the lush gardens of the hotel, La Plage 45 presents a number of delicacies on a diverse menu designed by Thierry Paludetto, with a range of meats and fresh fish from around the world.

Designed by Humbert & Poyet, La Plage 45 welcomes guests from mid-April to the end of September. The restaurant boasts a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, with a large open terrace and sublime views of the peaceful Mediterranean Sea and Lérins Islands.

Humbert & Poyet adapted a tropical style throughout La Plage 45, with rustic-style shutters that add character to the restaurant and complements the soft white sand of the nearby beach. Mullan Lighting’s Ren outdoor wall lights delicately sit on these rustic-shutters. With a striking antique brass shade, the outside wall lights effortlessly encapsulate the theme of La Plage 45, adding a vintage chic to the terrace with exposed decorative lamps.

A seaside aesthetic is prevalent throughout the terrace and a soft-cream canopy helps create the relaxed environment that holiday-makers crave. Mullan’s Ren and Kai outdoor pendants are gently suspended from the canopy and create a relaxed, warm glow to complement the striking Cannes sun as it sets in the evening. An antique brass shade facilitates light to be directed downwards to echo the beautiful white marble dining tables and cream chairs below.