La Ferme Saint-Simon

March 18, 2014
(c) Benoit Linero

La Ferme Saint-Simon sits in the famous Saint-Cermain-de Prés neighbourhood of Paris’s Left Bank. Its location between embassies, ministries, publishing houses and world famous galleries has long made the restaurant a place of political and intellectual meetings.

In 2013, the restaurant entered a new chapter under the ownership of master sommelier Laurent Limouzin and Franco-Argentinian architect and designer Marcelo Joulia. Naturally, Joulia’s own practice Naço Architectures undertook a complete rejuvenation of the space, with furniture, rugs, dishes and lighting all custom designed to give the venue a ‘modern classicism’.

Specially created light fixtures were created for key spots within the restaurant: one above the premium table in the main room, and one in each of the private dining rooms, the Champagne Room and the Bourgogne Room.

Created by French artisans in their workshop just outside Paris, each piece comprises a different configuration of brushed brass piping: long linear section with neat 90-degree bends. Spherical balls of blown glass hang at the tips of these brass sections. A slight metallic sheen gives each globe a reflective, mirrored effect when not in use. When illuminated, the traditional incandescent bulb within gives each shade a smoky glow, while directing an intimate glow onto the tables below.

This lighting complements the other bespoke elements within the space to help deliver a sophisticated air of elegant warmth.